Refamo 4 - FeatureList
  • Grouping: Flexibility to control and monitor various Group Systems. Users can override (Energy settings, Global wake/restart/shutdown and CMD options).
  • New UI: New faster UI with faster response time. Easier to control and monitor.
  • Rename Machines - Nodes: Ability to rename WINS or IP address for better identification.
  • VNC Option Available.
  • CPU Temprature Reading and Automatic shutdown when CPU is "HOT".
  • Automatic Search: Automatically add PC's IP range. Option to add only machines with Refamo Node.
  • Automatic Node Update: All machines will be automatically updated with the latest Refamo Node.
  • Custom CMD: User can store command line executes.
  • New System Graph Plane: Embedded Graph Option new UI and colors.
  • All Windows Operating Systems: (tested: Win XP-Vista 32bit/64bit, 2003Server & 2008 Server 32bit/64bit).
  • Group your systems for better management. (more)
    The new Refamo is based on groups, sorted in a tree-link structure. Each group can contain as few or as many machines as you like, accept commands such as 'shutdown', 'wake', and execute remote commands on its members, whether they are machines or other groups inside it. On the main display, a group shows the average stats of the machines and groups it contains. Moving machines and groups around is a breeze, so you can dynamically assign groups based on their location, task, or any criteria that you need according to your own workflow. All settings are now inherited, so that you can use one set (the global settings) for everything, derive group-level configurations, or simply override certain settings for any arbitrary group or machine. (The reverse also works: You can change the settings for a whole range of machines by overriding their settings from a parent group!)
  • Work faster and more intuitively through the new user interface. (more)
    The user interface is no longer a flat list, but a tree, meaning that you can view your groups and machines in as coarse or detailed layout as you choose. It makes viewing huge machine clusters of hundreds or even thousands of machines intuitive and quick. You can re-assign groups and machines by just visually dragging and dropping between them with the mouse. You can click on headers to auto-sort machines alphabetically, by CPU, memory or disk load, or you can manually place each machine in each group. The graphing for each system is now integrated and slipstreamed into the main window and you can view the graph for whatever group or machine is currently selected.
  • Identify systems easily through labeling. (more)
    Machines are no longer solely identified by their WINS or IP address. You can now click on their name on the tree and give them a descriptive name which you can use to better identify them. Their actual address is now defined in their property sheet. Speaking of which, changing the properties of a group or machine now just restarts the monitoring for itself and its children and does not affect the other monitored nodes.
  • Access a remote system in multiple ways: RDP, screen view, and introducing VNC! (more)
    Refamo now supports three options to access a remote machine: The usual Remote Desktop Login, now updated to be better compatible with XP SP3, Vista, and Server 2008, the traditional view-only screen capture feature, and now it additionally features an integrated VNC client to support legacy systems or, for instance, offer remote functionality to users who need to have access without locking a user from their own session.
  • Select and control systems easily (more)
    Selecting and issuing commands has never been easier: You can now send commands to an individual machine, by group, or select various machines and issue the command to those. In addition, selected machines can be moved to a specific group, or just removed from the list of monitored systems. The selection process is intuitive and straightforward. Click on the checkbox for a machine and it is selected, click again and it's not. Clicking on a group's checkbox will select the entire group, or un-selecting will clear all selected children too.
  • Simply and quickly add many nodes (more)
    You can add systems into a group by entering its WINS name, IP address, or specify a range of names and addresses to add. You can do this through a visual editor or just type a shorthand expression for speed. This makes it a snap to add monitoring for hundreds of machines in a few clicks. In addition, you can scan a range of names or addresses to add only the machines which are running the Refamo node software already.
  • Have instant control (more)
    The methods that Refamo uses to scan and connect to monitors has been completely reworked and we can now connect and monitor systems much, much faster than the previous version. Only a few second after startup, Refamo can know the state of hundreds of machines on your local network and connect to those who are active. In addition, startup times have been improved and the CPU footprint for Refamo has been reduced. For you the bottom line is getting things done much faster.
  • Upgrade your entire cluster with one click (more)
    Instantly deploy upgrades of the Refamo node applet to every monitored machine without need for manual intervention. Refamo will detect if nodes need upgrades and prompt you to auto-upgrade each one. In case of a bug-fix or new feature release, you can install the new Refamo on your workstation and let it upgrade your entire infrastructure with just one click.
  • Have Refamo blend into your desktop (more)
    In addition to the translucent, border(-less), and coloring modes, Refamo now supports custom theming, allowing you to tailor its appearance to match whatever color or style you prefer. Simply open the theme editor and visually chose the colors you would like for each class of component, such as background color, active color, and so forth. Click on preview to get a better look on how it will appear before committing to it.

Monitoring & Status:
  • Real Time CPU Monitor - Color Gradient and Percentage % CPU Load Indication.
  • Real Time Memory Monitor - Color Gradient and Percentage % Memory Limit Indication.
  • Real Time Hard Disk Monitor - Color Gradient and Percentage % Capacity Indication.
  • Real Time Hard Disk IO (Activity) Monitor - On/Off Indication.
  • Real Time Network IO (Activity) Monitor - On/Off Indication.
  • Uptime Monitor - Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds
  • If disk I/O takes a long time, a counter appears next to the machine's 'led' and shows how long this has been going on. We found this helpful in checking for memory overflows where there is swap thrashing.
  • Real Time Multi PC Monitoring, Status and Control, applies to all of the above. (Home Network, Business, Cluster, Renderfarms etc).
  • High Scalability. No KVM switch or other hardware required.

Control & Manipulation
  • You can add and remove monitored machines. Set resolution screen and color depth for each node.
  • Remote Login - Clicking on the IP addresses or the PC name of each machine brings up a desktop window.
  • Clicking on any of the meters (CPU%, Memory%, Disk%) brings up a history graph for the past hour for the given meter. You can see Node Totals Graph and many PC graphs at the same time.
  • If you hover the mouse over anything you will get extra "bubble" information.
  • Node Command Line Execute. Very useful for running any command line action. (e.g. Real Flow, Maxwell, Vue etc...) With the Global CMD feature you can now copy / paste files and update your Render farm in minutes.
  • Wake On Lan Button. Remote Start of the Render Farm machines (Nodes). - With Confirmation & Global setting.
  • Restart the Render Farm machines (Nodes). - With confirmation & Global setting.
  • Shutdown the Render Farm machines (Nodes). - With confirmation & Global setting.
  • Transparency Window (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) and Resolution(100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) for monitored machines.
  • Energy Saving Feature with system override option.
  • Global commands (reconnect all nodes, reboot, shutdown and command line).
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