Refamo v4.0.17 sp2 - Dec 18 2013:
  • Refamo milti-language format updated. Causing Nodes appear only for a second and then dissapear. FIXED.
Refamo v4.0.17 sp1 - Dec 16 2013:
  • Refamo "Connected". FIXED.
  • Nodes appear only for a second and then dissapear. FIXED
  • User Interface Color Drop down menus updated.
  • Multiple file copy & delete feature added.
  • Option for upgrade selected Nodes only.
  • String format causing Refamo Connected issues. FIXED
  • Refamo is still running on system tray when closing.
Refamo v4.0.12 - Sept 14 2012:
  • Some minor bug fixing.
  • Chat Option Removed.
  • License & Node stability issues fixed.
Refamo v4.0.11 - June 27 2012:
  • Refamo 4 using .NET 4 and new obfuscation system.
  • Add log window to Refamo node, opens when double clicked, which logs various commands that are received and their status.
  • New Remote Command window - with major bug fix when trying to run .cmd.exe or .bat or files.
  • Add options to Node log window which quits the node, hides the window (like clicking on the close button) and option to limit the log lines.
  • Add options to Node log window which let user allow calls, file transfers, and screen snooping.
  • File transfer (incl directories) to user:

    Files can be dragged onto machine entries, ask if you want to transfer to the system of hand over to the user so they can pick. Dragging over groups sends the data to all connected clients.

  • Text Chat / Audio Chat / Video Chat (First version - still under development).
  • Chat log changes (keep logs, saving).
  • Dimmed Group lines.
  • Delete option - if a file or folder (which exists on local system) exists on the remote, delete it (must confirm).
  • If another Refamo user is using remote desktop on a system, it should be shown by a marker on any other Refamo monitor.
  • Asking to open a remote desktop view on a system should show a confirm box to the current user warning that this may log the other person out.
  • When another person wants to RDP, ask the existing RDPing user if they want to deny the incoming user - with a timeout of 10"sec.
  • Added export/import configuration file option
  • In remote commands (Add checkbox column. Save and load options. When saving ask if you want to save all or selected options. When loading ask if you want to replace existing, or add to existing commands).
  • Added color selection option to machine context menus, like in finder. If a color is selected, All Refamos in the network show the machine in the certain color. Circle color next to the square checkbox and before the machine name.
  • Add hibernate and wake options to existing on/shutdown options.
  • Columns customizable - columns are rearrangable and resizable/
  • Graph show values in a bubble when pointer passes over it.
  • Columns added for individual CPUs and GPU.
  • Added "use compression" option to file transfers. Especially useful when file size is big.
  • Refamo Node now reads System information and CPU temperatures, GPU, HD info etc. No need for 3rd party tools.
  • When pointer is over a system, a screenshot appears and show as thumbnail.
  • Resizable File transfer dialog with 2 bars: Current and Total bytes.
  • Misc tweaks: new icons, file/dir picker integration, node startup delay reduction, what’s new menu entry leading to web page.
  • When sending wake signals, report progress.
  • Add resend button to file copy progress dialog.
  • Auto size recalculate the size of the display based on tree and columns and set the width accordingly.
  • All group members have the same badge color, badge the group, make coloring persistent across runs of a node.
  • Automatic backup copy of configuration file upon successful launch.
  • Added the “reset window positions” command to the task bar popup window.
  • Added individual entries for C,D,E etc drives in the disk free tool tip.
  • Inherited checkboxes in options should keep the black font (but still have grayed checkboxes).
  • Move inherited settings message to the bottom of the options screen: “Faded settings take their values from their parent group. Click to override their values”.
  • All disk and memory reporting on tooltips on Gb - numbers must have 2 decimal places always.
  • All borderless popup to have a border.
  • Ability to selectively remove badges based on color.
  • Ability to select systems based on color badge.
  • Show disk size and used space in Gb when mous over disk percentage label in monitor.
Refamo v3.5.6 - April 17 2012:
  • Badges feature added. Ability to color code, select and execute commands on groups or individual nodes by color selection.
  • Speed and Stability improvements.
  • Improved Screen View on Systems with dual or multiple monitor setups.
Refamo v3.4.7 - January 17 2012:
  • To have a hibernate + standby option.
  • GPU % Load Monitor
Refamo v3.1.40 - February 04 2011:
  • Display PC information on mouse roll over.
  • Speed and Stability improvements.
  • Realflow Plugin (visit the Refamo Real Flow forum section for further details) - (Simulation & Meshing):
  • Add/Pause/Rename/Remove Simulation & Meshing Jobs.
  • Auto Start/Force Start a Simulation & Meshing Job.
  • Status Display of selected Job.
  • Display Log with Date&Time.
  • Highlight in Refamo-Manager a selected System.
  • Job Stopwatch and Timer.
  • Set Custom Frame Ranges.
  • Use or Not Use Particle Cache.
  • Option for Assign All Idle Systems.
  • Set per frame threads (Especially Useful for Standard Meshing)
  • Set Maximum Consecutive failures until a System is removed from job.
  • Set Maximum Consecutive failures until a Frame is aborted.
  • Specific frames for Specific System (Useful for all heavy Meshing jobs).
  • Select Specific frames to be meshed first. (heavy meshes / every Nth frames can be moved to top of the queue).
  • Re-Queue Frame(s). (For Mesh Jobs Only).
Refamo v3.1.21 - April 06 2009
  • Node checking vastly improved: Shift-click on tree entries checks everything from the currently selected item to the one under the
    cursor, and Ctrl-click immediately checks the item under the cursor(like Explorer).
  • Groups are now automatically auto-checked if all their children are checked to make viewing more obvious.
  • Memory usage is now displayed in two parts: physical and swap percentage. The tool tips and graph are also updated to reflect this.
  • The VNC window now displays correct dimensions on title bar.
  • New resolutions added in preferences to cater for larger desktops, plus 32 bpp depth for RDP.
  • The right-click and "selected" menus are enhanced: A new rename entry has been added to make renaming groups
    and machines more obvious for new users. Instead of the single menu item "remote command", a new sub-menu exists,
    which shows the list of commands (managed through the command editor window), making it much easier
    and straightforward to launch commands.
  • The remote command editor is completely overhauled. It now works as a table of entries: for each command the left column shows the short-hand label (which shows up in the right-click menus) and the right column is the text of the command to be executed.
Refamo v3.109 - February 13 2009:
  • Improved WOL (Wake on Lan).
Refamo v3.108 - February 12 2009:
  • Vista 32bit & 64Bit - Possible Crash bug is now fixed when closing Refamo.
  • New config3.dat file is now created. Old config.dat is not supported.
    • Load your old Refamo3 build and remove any remote login(s) and VNC password(s) - i.e. leave the password fields blank for all groups and machines that you may have already added.
    • Close Refamo3, and keep a copy of the config.dat file.
    • Upgrade by copying the new Refamo3.exe over the old one.
    • Rename config.dat to config3.dat.
    • You can now launch Refamo3 and re-enter your old passwords without any more problems.
Refamo v3.10 - January 03 2009:
  • Refresh Now option added.
Refamo v3.097 - December 06 2008:
  • Slow but Sure option added.
  • Override IP option added.
  • Small Bugs Fixed.
  • Dual Lan Bug Fixed.
Refamo v3.094 - December 02 2008:
  • New Activation Method.
  • Windows 2008 Server 32bit & 64bit - Must add Refamo.exe and Refamo Node.exe to Windows Firewall exception.
Refamo v3.093 - November 31 2008:
  • VNC Support.
  • Search Feature Added.
Refamo v3.084 - November 20 2008:
  • Updated Grouping.
  • Auto Node Update.
  • Custom CMD.
  • New System Graph Plane.
  • Real Time Update (>0.1s - Tested with 45 Nodes).
Refamo v3.001 - September 04 2008:
  • Grouping.
  • New UI.
Refamo 2.05.33451 - May 25 2008:
  • New Version.
  • Remote View (Not Remote Login) bug fixed.
Refamo 2.05 - April 26 2008:
  • New Dark UI.
  • Energy Saving Feature Added. Global and ability to override system energy saving settings.
  • Globals Added. With Reconnect All Nodes feature.
  • Wake on LAN / Reboot & Shutdown option left aligned.
  • New Graphs (Node Totals Graph and many PC stats at the same time).
  • All previous bugs fixed.
Refamo 2.04 - March 15 2008:
  • Encrypted passwords.
  • Crash screen. With error report message saved on desktop.
  • Changing the size of the Refamo monitor window is now stored in the settings.
Refamo 2.03 - March 13 2008:
  • Override Energy Saving Feature for each node. You can disable it / set different settings.
  • Energy Saving Feature added.
Refamo 2.02 - February 05 2008:
  • Command Line Feature fixed.
  • Restart, Shutdown and Wake on LAN feature added.
Refamo 2.00 - January 17 2008:
  • Command Line Feature added. Running command with space without "_" the cmd function stopped working.
  • Set resolution screen and color depth for each node.
  • If you hover the mouse over anything you will get extra "bubble" information.
  • Transparency Window (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) and Resolution(100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) for monitored machines.
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